About Us

Creating a vibrant community with a more informed and enriched public

BIGISLANDWatch is a subsidary of MAUIWatch. The mission of BIGISLANDWatch is to create a more informed public — one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding of events, ideas, and cultures.

Through BIGISLANDWatch’s social media channels, fans are motivated to gather information beyond traditional boundaries, to be proactive, and most importantly, to deliver critical information at lightning speed.

A Trusted Window to the Island
BIGISLANDWatch offers content for a wide range of ages, interests and genres. Each month, nearly 100 thousand people online explore the worlds of current events and public affairs through BIGISLANDWatch’s trusted content.

About MAUIWatch:

MAUIWatch’s meteoric rise to be THE MOST progressive social media brand in Maui County is due in part because it inspires a new breed of crowd sourced news gathering from fans that are actively engaged in sharing things that matter to them. Founded in 2013, MAUIWatch is the model for high-quality crowd sourced news in the 21st century.

MAUIWatch altered the Maui news landscape by changing the way the public gets its news. Frequently referenced by various media, MAUIWatch is one of the most-cited Maui-based news sources, utilized by national networks and local news gathering organizations across the State. We see MAUIWatch as a digital touchstone for the community, connecting and convening citizens of all ages in civil discourse and in shaping Maui’s future.

The MAUIWatch Community Network is a private, 501(c) nonprofit corporation, founded in 2014.

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