Three Visitors Arrested for Breaking Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine

Three people were arrested and one cited for Prohibited Acts under Emergency Management following an incident in Hilo on Wednesday afternoon.

Hawaiʻi Police Department officials say they received a report at around 3:14 p.m of four visitors from Washington State who had recently arrived on Hawaiʻi Island breaking the state’s mandatory 14-day quarantine for visitors.

All four visitors arrived on Hawaiʻi Island on April 21 and checked into a hotel on Banyan Drive that evening. The visitors were observed outside of their rooms and walking on foot outside the hotel. Officers made area checks and were able to locate the four visitors at the hotel pool, outside of their room and in direct violation of the 14-day quarantine rule. 

Police arrested 27-year old Matthew Young, 39-year old Caleb Conrad, and 24-year old Makynzie Anderson, all of Washington State.  All three were subsequently charged, posted bail of $500 each, were released and given a court date.

A 39-year old female visitor from Washington State was also issued a citation for violating Prohibited Acts under Emergency Management.

All four parties were subsequently trespassed from their hotel and were required to find alternative lodging.

HPD officials say they would like to remind the public that Governor Ige’s 14-day self-quarantine orders for all visitors are:

  • Proceed directly from the airport to your designated quarantine location, which is the location identified and affirmed by you on the mandatory State of Hawaiʻi Department of Agriculture Plants and Animals Declaration Form.
  • Remain in your designated quarantine location for a period of 14 days or the duration of your stay in the State of Hawaiʻi, whichever is shorter.
  • If you are a resident, your designated quarantine location is your place of residence.
  • If you are a visitor, your designated quarantine location is your hotel room or rented lodging.
  • You can only leave your designated quarantine location for medical emergencies or to seek medical care.
  • Do not visit any public spaces, including but not limited to pools, meeting rooms, fitness centers, or restaurants.
  • Do not allow visitors in or out of your designated quarantine location other than a physician, healthcare provider, or individual authorized to enter the designated quarantine location by the Director of HIEMA.
  • Comply with any and all rules or protocols related to your quarantine as set forth by your hotel or rented lodging.
  • If you become ill with a fever or cough:
    • Continue to stay in designated quarantine location, avoid contact with others, and contact a healthcare provider for further instructions on treatment or testing.
    • If you are older or have any medical conditions (e.g., immune compromise, diabetes, asthma), consult your regular healthcare provider.
    • If you feel you need medical care, contact a healthcare provider, and inform them of your travel history.
    • If you need urgent medical care (e.g., have difficulty breathing), call 9-1-1 and let the dispatcher know your travel history).

Travelers will be responsible for getting to their place of quarantine. Violation of this order is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a $5000 fine or one year in prison.

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