Tour Helicopter Crashes in Puna

A Blue Hawaiian tour helicopter crashed in a wooded area of Puna on Thursday. 

The Hawai`i County Fire Department received a call at 11:35 a.m. that a helicopter crashed in a grassy clearing near a forested area up rift of Highway 130 and Ala`Ili Road.

County officials say the location was reported to be at or near an old geothermal site, which was located approximately five miles southwest of Pahoa town. Due to the remoteness of the location, and unconfirmed access, HFD’s Chopper 1 was utilized to locate and access the scene.

There were six people aboard the aircraft, including the pilot, and all parties were out of the aircraft and ambulatory at the scene upon HFD arrival.

All six were extricated from the scene with Chopper 1 and transported to the Pahoa Fire Station where they were evaluated by EMS personnel.

Officials say “a few of them sustained what appeared to be non-life threatening injuries.” Five of six were transported to Hilo Medical Center for further observation and treatment via Ambulance.

The crash is located in an unpopulated area and there were no residences or other buildings located near the site.