Pair Charged with an Array of Offenses

Hawai`i Police Department detectives have arrested and charged two individuals with an array of offenses stemming from two separate incidents.

The individuals arrested and charged are identified as 21-year-old Jaggar Dunne-Torres, and 24-year-old Tearon Pacheco-Fernandez, both of no permanent address. Both parties were being sought by police and were located at a residence in Volcano on Sunday morning.

Dunne-Torres has been charged with Attempted Murder in-the-first-degree, Attempted Murder in-the-second-degree, Criminal Property Damage in-the-first-degree, Criminal Property Damage in-the-second-degree, Resisting an Order to Stop a Motor Vehicle in-the-first-degree, and Driving Without a License. Total aggregate bail is set at $158,500.

The charges against Dunne-Torres stem from an incident on November 19 where officers with the Area I Special Enforcement Unit were conducting checks in the area of Route 11 and South Glenwood Road for wanted subjects known to frequent a residence in the area. The officers entered the driveway leading to the residence after observing a multi-colored Honda sedan commit a traffic violation and pull into the driveway.   

The officers observed the Honda in the driveway and exited their vehicle to initiate contact with the occupants, at which time the Honda immediately reversed, then accelerated towards one of the officers who was standing outside of the passenger side of their vehicle.  As the Honda drove towards the officer, he immediately jumped back into the open passenger door, which was immediately struck by the Honda as it drove past, scraping along the entire passenger side. The other officer discharged his service weapon at the Honda as it left the area.

Pacheco-Fernandez has been charged with Terroristic Threatening in-the-first-degree, two counts of Criminal Property Damage in-the-first-degree, Resisting an Order to Stop a Motor Vehicle in-the-first-degree, and Driving without a Driver License. Total aggregate bail is set at $32,000.

The charges against Pacheco-Fernandez stem from an incident on November 26 after an off-duty police officer observed a vehicle wanted by police and the subject of an all-points bulletin, driving through a parking lot at 50 East Puainako Street in Hilo, and notified on-duty officers of his location. 

South Hilo patrol officers and personnel from the Area I Special Enforcement Unit arrived at the parking lot and attempted to stop the Toyota pickup truck. The truck immediately drove towards an officer who discharged his service weapon. The pickup truck drove past the officer and struck a parked vehicle and then skidded into the driveway of a fast-food establishment where the driver reversed towards another patrol officer. The patrol officer discharged his service weapon. However, the truck continued west towards the Kilauea Avenue exit and struck a passenger car stopped in traffic with a 71-year-old Hilo man. The man was not injured.

Dunne-Torres and Pacheco-Fernandez remain in custody at the Hawaii Community Correctional Center in lieu of bail. They both have scheduled court appearances.

Police are asking anyone who may have information regarding either incident to call the police department’s non-emergency number at (808) 935-3311.

HPD photos.