Two Arrested in Hilo Property Crime Investigation

The Hawai`i Police Department recently investigated several business and vehicle break-ins that occurred between October 5 and October 10 in the vicinity of Holomua and Makaala Streets in Hilo leading to the arrest of two individuals.

Police investigating the incidents were able to identify a male and a sport utility vehicle that was involved through a recovered video. The sport utility vehicle identified was later found and stopped. Police found drugs in the vehicle during the stop and arrested the 28-year-old male operator.

Officers executed a search warrant on the vehicle and found in addition to drugs, items stolen from one of the businesses.

Shane Johnson was charged with drug possession, theft, trespassing, habitual property crime, and several traffic criminal offenses. His bail was set at $24,000.00, pending a court appearance.

During the period of one break-in, police found the same sport utility vehicle in the 300 block of the Waiakea Center parking lot operated by a 24-year-old female. Police learned that she had a bench warrant and was arrested.

The woman was identified as Megan Crutcher. Though not charged with the break-ins, Crutcher is a person of interest, and police are asking for the public’s help with information on the couple.

Police are asking that anyone with information on this couple related to the business and vehicle break-ins or if this couple was seen in the parking lot of the Waiakea Center to call Officer Bryson Pilor of South Hilo Patrol at (808) 935-3311.

HPD provided photos.