Brothers Arrested in Connected Investigations

The Hawai`i Police Department has arrested two men in separate investigations that were connected through strange circumstances.

Police arrested and charged 26-year old Patrick Enos Jr. and 23-year old Pat Garrett Enos on October 1 for an array of offenses following three investigations with peculiar connections.

Police were canvassing an area for a stolen vehicle on September 26 when they discovered a man in a stolen SUV.  Pat Garrett Enos, of Hilo, was arrested as the operator of the stolen SUV.  Police recovered the SUV and discovered that the license plates were from a stolen truck that was left abandoned near Maulua Gulch in North Hilo earlier in the day.

That same day, a man that was working in Maulua Gulch in North Hilo had his truck stolen by two unidentified males and a female. One of the male suspects threatened the man with a pipe while taking the truck.  Patrick Enos Jr., also of Hilo, who is the brother of Pat Garrett Enos, is later identified as one of the suspects in the stolen truck case.  Patrick Enos Jr. was arrested on a warrant and police find in his possession a key FOB from the stolen truck abandoned at Maulua Gulch.

Police then executed a search warrant on the stolen truck from Maulua Gulch and found drugs and ammunition in the truck.  Police also execute a search warrant on the SUV where they found ammunition and drugs.

Patrick Enos Jr. was charged with unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle related to the abandoned truck in Maulua Gulch, robbery, UCPV of the stolen truck from the man working in Maulua Gulch, burglary and ammunition and drug possession.  His bail is set at $90,000.

His brother, Pat Garrett Enos, was charged with UCPV related to the stolen sport utility vehicle; disobedience to a police officer, fraud plates, ownership prohibited, and drug possession.  His bail is set at $46,000. 

Pat Garrett Enos was arrested the previous week for a no-bail warrant and was on release from the court.

In both cases, the victims did not immediately report their vehicles as stolen.  Police encourage the public to call immediately to report crimes, as the delay inhibits the ability of the police to identify and recover stolen property and apprehend those responsible.

“We want to thank all of the people involved in the case,” said Officer Steven Grace, the lead investigator in the incident. “Without each part of this investigation, we would have never been able to piece it all together. Each officer, and each victim, all had different parts, and it took collecting all the information that made this case successful.”

HPD photos.