Eleven People Captured on Outstanding Warrants

The Hawai`i Police Department has captured eleven people in Hilo and the Puna District with outstanding warrants.

Police arrested and charged Richard Benevides, Ryan Oana, Kehaulani Pau, Isiah Campbell-Francisco, George Kahakua Jr., Joseph Deguair, Wesley Snyder, Sierra Grammar, Sheldon Haili, James K. Gorospe, and Christopher Igawa-Silva, all with outstanding warrants.

Police have been focusing on suspects with warrants that have a propensity to be problems in the community. The project that has been extended captured an additional eleven people from (August 24) to (September 17).

In addition to the warrant service, the team has also recovered seven vehicles, served four search warrants and six additional arrest warrants that stemmed from on-going investigations involving the apprehended suspects.

Police have been concentrating efforts on arresting and serving outstanding warrants as a means of apprehending suspects involved in other crimes as a proactive approach to policing crime.

HPD photos.