Construction of Outdoor Warning Sirens in Malama, Mohouli, and Ainako Parks Scheduled

Hawai‘i County Civil Defense has announced that outdoor warning sirens are scheduled to be constructed from Friday, June 14 to Friday, June 28 in Malama Park, Mohouli Park, and Ainako Park.

During construction, residents and business owners can expect general construction noise and increased traffic during business hours.

Upon completion, the outdoor warning sirens will be approximately 45’ high, and when outdoors audible at approximately 3,400’ radius from the siren location.

Outdoor warning sirens, located throughout the State and Island of Hawaii, are used to alert the public to emergencies. In an emergency, the siren will sound for three minutes, pause for one minute, sound for three minutes, pause for one minute, then sound for three minutes.

Upon hearing a siren, the public is advised to listen to local radio stations. In addition to sounding for emergencies, the sirens are tested monthly. This usually occurs at 11:45 a.m. on the first business day of each month. During this test, all warning sirens sound a one-minute steady tone.

For more information, please contact the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency at 935-0031.