Injured Man Rescued from Mauna Kea

A man in his 60’s was rescued off Mauna Kea’s Summit on Monday.

Hawai`i County Fire Department officials say they responded to an 7:26 p.m. alarm of a man with an apparent femur fracture located about a mile from the nearest trail at the 12,500 foot elevation.

Responding units took about 30 minutes to hike from the trail head to the man. Upon locating the man, six rescue personnel packaged and carried the man in “skeds.”

Officials say as a result of the elevation and lack of oxygen the man could only be carried about 10′ at a time. Crews took about 3.5 hours to navigate the one mile and 700′ elevation gain while carrying the patient.

The temperature was reportedly in the 30’s.

HFD says that the man was injured when unstable terrain gave way while he was trying to take a photograph.

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