Hawai`i Island Security and Safety Professionals Recognize Officer Kahalioumi as ‘Officer of the Quarter’

On April 12, the Hawaiʻi Island Security and Safety Professionals Association recognized Officer John Kahalioumi as their HISSPA Officer of the Quarter for Q1 2019. 

Officer Kahaloumi is currently assigned to the North Kohala Patrol Division and is a liaison to the Area I  Special Enforcement Unit.

Officer Kahalioumi, has been tasked with identifying the most challenging problems in North Kohala such as nuisance properties, wanted parties and drug distribution. He has also been tasked with gathering and disseminating critical Information/Intelligence to the appropriate sections within the Police Department. This information is used to resolve long term community issues.

Officer Kahalioumi accepts his assignments without hesitation and takes an independent and proactive approach while using traditional and creative policing methods. He takes an innovative approach to assure his success and fellow officers when working in a community that is not only small but geographically challenging.

Since his initial assignment in April 2018 to present, Officer Kahalioumi has drafted and executed twelve search warrants, initiated more than fifty criminal investigations, and arrested over thirty individuals. This includes a variety of investigations and charges such as the promotion of a dangerous drug, promotion of the detrimental drugs, promotion of a harmful drug, paraphernalia, firearms, and dangerous weapons offenses, various traffic violations and the closure of numerous arrest warrants and all points-bulletins.

Officer Kahalioumi’s investigations have led to the recovery of methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and illegally traded prescription drugs, as well as the recovery of stolen property, illegal firearms and the forfeiture of assets, used illegally in covered offenses.

Courtesy photo. (L-R) Paola Pagan, Officer John Kahalioumi Captain Jeremie Evangelista, Michael Vasquez.