Kurtistown Man Charged with Firearms Offenses

A 56-year-old Kurtistown man is in police custody and was charged on Thursday with a variety of firearm offenses.

Hawai`i Police Department officers arrested Randolph Lee Yates after he was transported to the hospital with a medical issue and was found to be in possession of two loaded handguns.

As part of the protocol at the hospital security personnel utilized a metal detector commonly referred to as a “wand” to check Yates. During the check, security personnel were alerted to the potential of a large metal object. A safety check was performed that lead to the discovery of two loaded handguns. One of the handguns was found to have the serial numbers that identify the gun to be scratched off the weapon.

After conferring with the office of the prosecuting attorney, police charged Yates with two counts of altering of identification marks, two counts of registration mandatory, permit to acquire, place to keep a firearm, two counts carrying or possessing a loaded firearm on a public highway.

Yates is being held on $13,500 bail pending a court appearance on Friday.

HPD provided photo.