Police Charge Walter Gomes III in Kona Shooting

The Hawai`i Police Department has charged Walter Gomes III in connection with a shooting incident in Kona on March 21 that left a woman seriously injured.

On Tuesday, investigators from the Area II Criminal Investigation Division charged 41-year-old Gomes, with multiple offenses stemming from the initial incident where a woman sustained a single gunshot wound.

The offenses include:

  1. Assault in the First Degree
  2. Assault in the Second Degree
  3. Ownership or Possession of Firearm Prohibited
  4. Reckless Endangering in the First Degree
  5. Carry/Possessing loaded firearm on a highway
  6. Resisting order to stop (MD)
  7. Resisting order to stop (FC)
  8. Excessive Speeding
  9. Resisting Order to Stop (MD)
  10. Terroristic Threatening in the First Degree
  11. Accidents Involving Damage to Vehicle or Property
  12. Terroristic Threatening in the First Degree
  13. Reckless Endangering in the Second Degree
  14. Resisting Order to Stop (FC)
  15. Reckless Driving
  16. Ownership or Possession Prohibited (Firearms)
  17. Unauthorized Control of a Propelled Vehicle
  18. Promotion of a Dangerous Drug
  19. Probation Violation

Rome’s total bail amount totals $313,250.

Gomes remains in police custody pending his initial court appearance for the charges.