December Outdoor Warning Siren System, EAS Test Canceled

The State’s monthly test of the Statewide Outdoor Warning Siren System, which would typically occur on Monday, December 3 at 11:45 a.m. has been suspended for the month of December only.

No test will take place at that time, and the statewide test has not been rescheduled for a different time.

The monthly siren tests are being suspended to avoid interfering with various inaugural events scheduled around the state at that time.

The outdoor warning sirens are one part of a three-component emergency notification system. A simultaneous test of the Emergency Alert System is conducted with the siren system, in cooperation with Hawai`i’s broadcast industry.

In the event of a real emergency, warning sirens and Emergency Alert Broadcasts would be joined by alerts via the Wireless Emergency Alert system, which delivers sound-and-text warnings to mobile telephones and compatible devices.

Emergency management and disaster preparedness information is located at the front section of telephone directories in all counties.

The public may contact emergency management and county civil defense agencies to report siren operation issues:
Hawaii County (808) 935-0031
Maui County (808) 270-7285
City and County of Honolulu (808) 723-8960
Kauai County (808) 241-1800