Woman Arrested After Unlawfully Taking Residence in Lava Restricted Area

Hawai`i Police Department officers arrested a female within the Leilani Estates subdivision after it was discovered that she had unlawfully taken up residence in an unfinished house under construction on Alapai Street.

On Thursday morning, a homeowner contacted police after encountering the unknown female on her property with indications that unauthorized persons had frequented that location in the past.

Police arrived and located a 36-year-old female, Jami Leonard within the structure that is located within a County designated zone declared for “residents only.”

Leonard was arrested and charged with one count of Criminal Trespass 1 and one count of Loitering and Refusal to Evacuate.

Her total bail was set at $750 and she remains at the Detention Center in Hilo awaiting her court appearance.

HPD says they will continue to vigorously enforce Lava Restrictions in an effort to protect the public.

USGS photo taken on June 21 of a wide point in the channelized lava flow, a ropy crust has formed over the more fluid lava below. The ocean entry plume is visible to the upper left. Photo taken during early morning overflight.

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