Cooking Fire Sets Home Ablaze

The Hawai`i County Fire Department responded to a structure fire on Nahale`a Avenue in Hilo on Wednesday night.

Responding to a 9:25 p.m. alarm, HFD crews arrived on scene to find occupants of the home outside of the house, noting that one everyone was out of the structure and that the fire was in one of the two kitchens in the residence.

HFD officials say that a resident said that while cooking, oil from a pan caught on fire and spread to items that were above the stove.

The resident said they could not extinguish the fire so they evacuated everyone from the home.

Fire crews found the fire in the kitchen and in an adjacent room and extinguished the blaze before it could spread to other rooms.

The damage is estimated to be $100,000.

Fourteen fire fighters responded in the incident.

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