More Cited by DOCARE Officers for Loitering in Closed Area

Seven more people were cited Wednesday night by officers from the DLNR Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement for loitering in a closed area near the Kilauea eruption in lower Puna.

Like eighteen people previously cited, the seven allegedly bypassed established check-points or were found in closed areas.

Two Puna residents were cited at Bryson Cinder Quarry, past the Papaya Farms Road checkpoint. Officers say the pair got past the checkpoint after a local resident vouched for them saying they were staying at the resident’s home.

The two were spotted standing on a puʻu with hot lava hardening around it about 15 yards away.

Officers report 27-year-old Taylor Fankhouser and 33-year-old Jessica Devendorf rode bikes to where they were cited.

Five people were cited outside the gate at MacKenzie State Park which has been closed for the past month. They’re identified as: 62-year-old Robert Chetley of Hawaiian Paradise Park, 30-year-old Jonathan Hensley of Pahoa, 30-year-old Jeremy Osuna of Kea‘au, 38-year-old Daniel Alexander Records of Kapoho and 52-year-old Maryanne Torres of Opihikao.

All seven people were cited under Hawai‘i County Code for loitering in a closed area.

DLNR officials say they not only put themselves at risk but potentially endanger the lives of emergency workers and law enforcement if they must be rescued.

Photo: View of the fissure 8 lava fountain and lava channel that travels to the ocean, a distance of about 12.5 km (7.8 mi). Photo taken during the June 7 overflight at about 6:30 a.m. USGS photo.