Emergency Rules Restricting Access in Lower Puna Issued

Hawai`i County Mayor Harry Kim has issued emergency rules restricting access to Kapoho Beach Lots, Vacation Lands, and Kapoho Farms Lots.

The emergency rules formalize restriction from the noted areas with limited access to the following individuals:

  • Residents (verified owners of real property within the area or verified lessees of real property or structures thereon within the area with a minimum of a six-month lease) with no guests or visitors;
  • County, State, or Federal governmental employees and verified governmental contractors;
  • Employees and volunteers for the following types of non-governmental organizations:
    • Utility providers;
    • Recognized humanitarian/disaster response and recovery entities;
    • Area businesses and non -profits engaged by County, State, or Federal government response or recovery operations; and
    • Other non-governmental organizations as approved or requested by the County, State, or Federal governments.

Earlier Thursday, Mayor Kim issued an emergency evacuation order for certain portions of lower Puna.