Emergency Proclamation Opens Door to Potential Shelters

On May 30, Mayor Harry Kim issued his Second Supplementary Emergency Proclamation that suspended a number of county laws relating to building, land use and other related laws, in order to facilitate the establishment of temporary emergency shelters on specific sites approved by the County, and independently supported by private organizations.

The suspension of building, land use and related laws by this Second Supplementary Emergency Proclamation does not extend beyond these temporary emergency shelter sites approved by the County of Hawai`i.

The County and relief organizations have recognized the immediate and growing need to provide alternative sheltering options for displaced or voluntarily evacuated residents beyond the County-operated community shelters, which currently offer limited options for personal space and privacy.

The County, through the Second Supplementary Emergency Proclamation, wishes to support the significant efforts of private organizations to provide for and manage temporary emergency shelters.

If a private organization wishes to assist with this initiative, please contact the Planning Department via e–mail at planning@hawaiicounty.gov.