Ash Plume Reaches 10,000 Feet Following Summit Explosion

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports that an ash eruption at the Kilauea summit occurred at about 6 p.m.

Officials say the resulting ash plume reached 10,000 feet high and may affect the surrounding areas.  The wind may carry ash to the southwest toward the Pahala area.

According to Hawai`i County Civil Defense, due to the volcanic activity, the following is provided for the public’s awareness:

  • If you are at home, stay indoors with the windows closed.  If you are outside, seek cover.
  • If you are in your car, keep the windows closed.  Ash fallout may cause poor driving conditions, due to limited visibility and slippery driving conditions.  Drive with extreme caution, or pull over and park.
  • After the hazard has passed, do check your home, and especially your catchment system for any impact that may affect your water quality.

Photo courtesy of Pamela Mizuno.