Pedestrian Injured in Tractor Excavator Accident

The Hawai`i County Fire Department responded to Highway 130 in the vicinity of the 14 mile marker, Pahoa/Kalapana Road, on Monday for a tractor incident involving a pedestrian.

HFD officials say crews arrived on scene just before 1 p.m. to find a male in his late 30’s laying in the Hilo bound lane, conscious and with obvious injuries to his legs.

The man was reportedly a worker with the State Highways Division who was standing in the roadway when a heavy equipment tractor excavator of the State Highways Division was cutting trees.

The operator of the tractor was unaware of the victim standing in the roadway and the tracks of the tractor excavator hit the man, pinning his legs.

HFD reports that the patient was treated and transported to Hilo Medical Center for further evaluation.