Rock Falls, Gas Explosions Reported Within Halemaumau Crater

The Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reports rock falls and gas explosions within Halemaumau Crater have caused an ash plume which is carrying ash downstream across the Kau District.

Activity at Halema‘uma‘u crater increased on Tuesday morning to include the nearly continuous emission of ash with intermittent stronger pulses that form occasional higher plumes 1-2 kilometers (3,000 to 6,000 feet) above the ground, according to officials.

Ash is being reported along Highway 11 to Pahala.

The public is being advised to avoid excessive exposure to ash which is an eye and respiratory irritant. Those with respiratory sensitivities should take extra precaution to minimize exposure.

Motorists driving in the affected areas are advised to drive with caution.

Featured photo shows the ash plume at about 9 a.m. Tradewinds this morning are blowing the ash generally to the southwest toward the Ka`u Desert. The dark area to the right of the ash column rising from the Overlook crater is ash falling from the ash cloud to the ground. USGS photo.