Hawai`i Electric Light: Lava Damages Two Power Polls

Two poles were damaged by a nearby lava flow fell on Kahukai Street in the Leilani Estates subdivision on Sunday.

Hawai`i Electric Light officials say the incident underscores the need for continued caution around electric equipment even in areas where eruption activity has subsided.

The fallen poles caused an outage affecting an additional 30 customers in the area, which is under mandatory evacuation orders from Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency authorities.

“Our crews safely de-energized the fallen lines but no repair work is planned until the area is safe to enter,” officials say.

Hawaii Electric Light continues to warn Hawaii Island residents to assume that all downed lines and equipment are energized and dangerous. The public is reminded to stay at least three cars lengths away from downed lines and use caution around all poles and overhead lines.

Hawai`i Electric Light image.