Lower Puna Water Restriction Still in Place Despite Bypass

On Monday afternoon, the Department of Water Supply completed the installation of a temporary bypass waterline to restore service to the affected area.

DWS officials say that despite the bypass, refilling of waterlines and tanks will take some time. Therefore, the Emergency Water Restriction is still in effect for Kapoho Beach Lots, Lanipuna Gardens, Pohoiki Bay Estates, Green Lake Farm Lots, Vacationland and all customers on Pohoiki and Kalapana Kapoho Beach Roads.

All Water Supply customers should restrict water use to health and safety needs (drinking, cooking, and hygiene purposes) only.

This will allow the refilling process to occur sooner. It is important for not just the waterlines, but for the tanks to be refilled in order to provide fire protection.

Water spigots installed near the entrance of Lava Tree State Park and a water tanker in Vacationland are still available for the public to access.

DWS urges lower Puna residents to prepare an emergency kit with at least one gallon of water per day per person and each pet, for drinking and sanitation purposes. Residents should anticipate prolonged periods of preparation due to the unpredictable nature of the situation.

DWS says to store water properly, you should:

  • Use clean containers. Do not use containers that stored food with strong odors
    (mayonnaise, pickles, etc.) as the water will pick up the odor during storage.
  • Disinfect containers. Wash and rinse containers thoroughly with a mild bleach
    solution (one capful of liquid bleach to one gallon of water).
  • Fill container with water from the tap. Fill the container to the top, keeping a
    minimal amount of air between the water and the cap.
  • Store it in a cool, dark place.
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