Multiple Improvements Underway at Kua Bay

A park improvement project expected to take three months has begun at the Maninʻōwali, also known as the Kua Bay, section of Kekaha Kai State Park in Kona.

The work consists of addition of a new beach access stairway, additional rinsing showers, picnic tables, and repairs and upgrades to the existing restroom facility. The project is expected to be completed by July 1.

The park will remain open, but visitors should expect to experience some inconveniences due to the construction.

Work will be conducted Monday through Friday only, and to facilitate concrete pours, the park section will open at 12 p.m. each Wednesday during the project. The Wednesday late opening will terminate at the completion of this project or sooner.

The project scope consists of the following work on:

The existing comfort station which is being repaired (patching and painting), providing a rest stop area with an 8 foot by 2 foot concrete bench; and installing new steel tube gates at restroom entrances.

Two freestanding outdoor shower consisting of a 22 foot by 24 foot concrete slab being installed, with water piping and two 7 feet high pipe columns with grab bars and four shower heads.  A rain garden is being planned to utilize the shower runoff and minimize water runoff into beach areas.

Two secured accessible picnic tables, 8 foot by 5 foot wood or plastic picnic tables will be installed on a 16 foot by 11 foot wide concrete slab.

In addition, a concrete walkway and steps will be installed. The work will consist of removing a concrete reinforced masonry ramp and the installation of new 22 foot by 12 foot concrete walkway; and a new 14 foot by 12 foot concrete step area with landings and handrails, and concrete reinforced masonry wall as needed.

The project contractor is Isemoto Contracting Co., Ltd., and project cost is $226,347

The park is expected to remain open during construction; however, there will be some inconvenience to park users, as follows;

  • The park will open later: On Wednesdays, starting from March 2, the park will open at 12 p.m. and close at the normal hour.  This late opening will allow the contractor to schedule any equipment transport and concrete pours on this day to minimize impacts and inconvenience to park users.  The Wednesday late opening will terminate at the completion of this project or sooner.
  • All makai work areas, i.e., the showers, picnic tables and ramp/stairway will be secured off with chain link fencing to ensure the safety of park users and construction staff during construction.  Also, the fencing will provide security for the built showers and stairways from inadvertent entry or intended property damage.
  • The contractor will provide access to the beach in this area by rotating closed pathways to the beach, at least one access area will be provided.
  • The existing shower will be open for use during construction.
  • Work on the beach stairway has started and will open when all railings have been installed and inspected.
  • When comfort station work is started, portable toilets will be provided.
  • In case of unanticipated events such as unavailability of concrete or other materials on Wednesdays, sudden temporary closures may occur.
  • Work will occur during Monday through Friday, with no work on the weekends unless necessary.

For further information call the Hawai‘i island State Parks district office at (808) 961-9540.

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