School Shooting Threats Summon Authorities to Three High School Campuses

In response to social media posts on January 29, which were brought to school official’s attention on Tuesday, police were summoned to the Pāhoa High School campus.

It was reported that during a back and forth Instagram text between two female teenagers in which insults were exchanged, a 16-year-old female made a comment referencing bringing a firearm to school.

Police generated a harassment case and located and interviewed the 16-year-old suspect on Tuesday, she was later released and the case is being routed to Family Court.

Subsequently, social media messages were posted on Tuesday discussing that a potential shooting was to take place at Pāhoa High school on Wednesday, later social media posts began discussing that a shooting would take place at a Keaʻau school as well.

Police have also increased their presence at Konawaena High School following the threat of a shooting on that campus.

In response to the concern, police have temporarily increased presence at the two public high schools in the Puna district, and have been meeting with school officials.

All reported threats in any form referencing a potential school shooting are being investigated thoroughly and are being treated appropriately.

Police say there is no active shooter threat and that the increased presence is a precaution

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