Missing Fishermen Rescue in Shark Infested Waters

Two missing fisherman were located Friday morning clinging to a stick and being circled by three large tiger sharks.

Hawai`i County Fire Department officials report that they received notice just after 8:30 a.m. that two fishermen were in need of rescue. In response, crews were made aware that two people matching the mens description were located by a tour helicopter in an area off Highway 240 in the Honoka`a District

The pair was approximately 500 yards off shore when HFD located them. After locating them crew aboard an HPD Chopper began to circle the men to remain in contact and attempted to scare the sharks off using aerial maneuvers.

HFD deployed the Billy Pugh and rescued the victims who were transported to shore with minor injuries.

The men reported that they has been swept out to sea late Thursday afternoon.

Generic shark file photo.