Occupants Escape Injury in Kona Condo Fire

The Hawai`i County Fire Department responded to a structure fire at the Kona Pacific Condominiums on Sunday morning.

Responding to a 10:53 a.m. alarm, firefighters located smoke coming from the top floor corner unit with spread to the hallway.

Two occupants in adjoining units sheltered in place due to limited escape routes as a result of the fire. The pair remained in place as fire officials extinguished the fire.

An elderly disabled woman in need of assistance to evacuate was also stuck, according to HFD officials. She was evacuated by firefighters.

The fire reportedly began in a dryer and spread to the apartment entryway.

HFD extinguished the fire utilizing a fire extinguisher and a wall mounted suppression system, as known as a hose cabinet.

No injuries were reported in the incident. Damages were estimated to be $40,000.

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