Heavy downpours prompt Flash Flood Watch for Hawaii Island

The National Weather Service issued a Flash Flood Watch starting from this evening through tomorrow for Hawaii Island.  Occasional heavy downpours and the possibility of thunderstorms are expected tonight for all areas of the Big Island. A Flash Flood Watch means conditions may develop that lead to dangerous flash flooding.

Due to the Flash Flood Watch, the following advisories will be in effect:

  • Be on the alert for conditions that may lead to flooding in streams, roads, and low lying areas.
  • Be aware that road closures may occur without notice.
  • Heavy rain and snow are expected for the summits.
  • Where possible, limit travel on roadways during this period.
  • Your utilities of power and phones may be interrupted. If lightning threatens your area, the safest place to be is indoors.
  • Should power outages occur, be on the alert for non-operable traffic signals. Please treat flashing traffic lights as a four-way stop.

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