August Mauna Kea Snow Melts Quickly

An overnight snowfall atop Mauna Kea has nearly melted away, according to rangers at the Mauna Kea Weather Station.

The snow fall was amidst the falling storm that brought rain and thunder to many areas of the Big Island on Sunday.

In an early morning message from Mauna Kea rangers, it was reported that the summit road was closed to the public beginning at the Visitors Information Station as a result of ice on the roadway.

Rangers noted in a message four hours later that inspections were made in the morning hours and that most of the ice on the roadways had melted.

A lone section with small amounts of ice near the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope Observatory was all that remained, but it does not pose a threat to vehicle traffic.

Rangers atop Mauna Kea say that road closures due to weather are rare from April 1 through November 30.