Hilo Area Military Training Missions Scheduled

The United States Armed Forces announced earlier today of scheduled training missions in the Hilo area.

Military units are scheduled to conduct various types of training here in September that may be heard and or observed by the surrounding communities.

This monthly schedule is produced to alert our neighbors and the public of upcoming training activities that are louder than nature and may be  heard and or noticed outside of the military installation.

This information is provided to for general awareness and may not include all training activities, times and dates are subject to change by the US Military.

September 1-23, 2017 (US Army Drills) Mortar and mounted live-fire training. (Days subject to change)
September 1-30, 2017 (US Marine Corps) Aviation Gunnery, mortar, and live-fire training. (Days subject to change)
September 25-20, 2017 (US Army) Aviation Gunnery and Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Training. (Days subject to change)

The military in Hawaii appreciates the understanding and continued support of its local military training. While sometimes loud, the sounds and sights of training demonstrate how the military ensures that its service members are ready to accomplish the mission and return home safely.

To report concerns related to noise or training, contact the PTA Public Affairs Officer, Eric Hamilton, either by calling (808) 969-1966, or emailing eric.m.hamilton6.civ@mail.mil. For monthly PTA training updates, email eric.m.hamilton6.civ@mail.mil with the subject line: “Subscribe Training”.