Honokohau Deepwell Fails, North Kona Under Emergency Water Restriction

The Honokohau Deepwell is out of service causing an Emergency Water Restriction for customers in North Kona.

Department of Water Supply officials reported Sunday morning that all residents and customers in North Kona “must immediately restrict water use to health and safety needs.”

Health and safety needs are limited to drinking, cooking, and hygiene purposes.

In addition, all irrigation activities are required to cease.

DWS officials say the cause of the failure is being assessed to determine what needs to be done and how long repairs will take.

Adjustments to the water system have been by made DWS to provide customers a minimum level of water service.

“Without everyone’s cooperation, there will be areas that will experience periodic loss of water service or lower water pressure,” DWS warned.

Temporary service and irrigation accounts will be suspended, along with specific accounts that fall under the “excessive water use” category.