Krause Release Not a ‘Mix-Up,’ Back in Custody

Keanu Krause, who was arrested last Friday in connection to a string of vehicle thefts, was temporarily set free on Friday.

News spread quickly on social media after it was reported by a local media outlet that Krause was set free as a result of a “paperwork mix-up.”

The Department of Public Safety tells BIGISLANDWatch that the reported reasoning for his release was not the case.

“The Third Circuit Court did not issue orders pertaining to bail or any related paperwork authorizing the continued detention of Keanu Krause at the Hawaii Community Correctional Center,” DPS wrote in a statement. “The District Court dismissed his cases and ordered his release.”
HCCC followed through with the order and Krause was reportedly released at about 11 a.m.
Since being released, Krause is back in the custody of the Hawai`i Police Department, according to a DPS spokeswoman, and is being transported back to HCCC. No details regarding his recapture were immediately available.
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