Six Graduate in HPD’s 85th Recruit Class

The 85th Recruit Class of the Hawai`i Police Department was honored on Thursday.

Sixteen began the program but only six completed the process under Sergeant Paul Fukuda, Sergeant Duffy Duldulao and Officer Daniel Rances. Among those honored were Debney Jaramillo, Erica Carballo, Jarrin Okutsu, Bryson Arquitola-Takiue, Lawrence Yeung, and Adam Hanes.

The Master of Ceremonies was Sergeant Reynold Kahalewai, with the Invocation being offered by Chaplain George Kamakahi. Keith T. Morioka (Police Commission), Jaramillo (Class President) and Tracey Wise (Department of Health, Adult Mental Health Division. Mr. Kamakahi and Ms. Wise spoke about the road ahead for the new officers and the great challenges and responsibility placed on their shoulders.

“The first challenge was to get 14-people on the same page,” said Class President Jaramillo recalled. “We were constantly prepped throughout our 10-month training period both mentally and physically; this was a humbling experience for us all. As we continue our journey we would like to show our appreciation to our family, friends, training staff and instructors for their support and dedication.”

Their class motto is “Ka Ikaika Mālama me ke Aloha” (The strong serve with aloha).

Presentation of Certificates, Awards, Badge Pinning and Reaffirmation of Oath was under the direction of Chief Paul K. Ferreira.