Weekend Ocean Look Ahead: ‘King Tides,’ Large South Swell Anticipated

Hawai`i County Civil Defense is warning the public about unusual high tides and an incoming swell.

The tides, known as “king tides,” are anticipated to impact all shores of the island beginning Wednesday and run through the Memorial Day weekend.

Officials at Civil Defense said in a message Wednesday morning that the tides “may cause intermittent coastal flooding.”

In addition, “Beach flooding and standing water on roadways and low-lying coastal areas are possible, especially during the afternoon high tides each day.”

An incoming large south swell is also likely to build on Friday and continue through the weekend.

According to officials, the high surf could further affect the impact of the high tides causing additional beach run-up, flooding and erosion.

Civil Defense warns oceanfront residents and beachgoers to be on the alert for possible high and dangerous surf.

As a precaution, boat owners and oceanfront residents should take actions to secure their property from possible tidal inundation and coastal flooding. These preparations should be done before Thursday afternoon, the message noted.